Treat Your Sun-Damaged Skin With the Right Products

Florida’s not called the Sunshine State for nothing. With miles and miles of beautiful beaches, sparkling lakes, parks, and trails, the state’s all about spending time outdoors — and not just in summer. 

While the rest of the nation is huddling indoors during the better part of the year, Floridians are outside soaking up the sun’s warming rays. 

Sunshine, fresh air, and physical activity are all key for maintaining good health. But too much sun, wind, and drying air can take a big toll on your skin. 

At GYN Aesthetics & Wellness medical spa in Coral Springs, Florida, we help our patients of all ages enjoy healthier skin with medical-grade, customized skin treatments designed for their unique needs. Here’s how we can help your skin stay healthy.

Treating sun damage: More than just pampering

Your skin plays a huge role protecting the rest of your body, not just from nicks and dings, but from bacteria and other pathogens, too. 

A little sunshine and fresh air is good for your skin, but too much can be very bad. In fact, studies show excess sun exposure can actually kill healthy skin cells, damaging skin on the inside as well as the outside.

From an aesthetics point of view, excess sun and dry air deplete your skin of protective oils and nourishing moisture, resulting in a rough or uneven texture, dark spots, wrinkles, and lines. 

Combine those effects with age-related changes and before long, you can wind up looking a lot older than you feel. 

Plus, a decrease in moisture and natural oils makes it harder for your skin to maintain its natural protective barrier, which means it can also be more prone to breakouts, eczema, and other skin problems.

Nourish skin on the outside and the inside

One of the best ways to protect your skin from sun damage is to use sunscreen on a regular basis (yes, even on cloudy days). Sunscreen helps prevent UV rays from causing internal damage to your skin, damage that results in wrinkles, uneven texture, and dark spots. 

But even with sunscreen, your skin can still have environmental damage from too much sun exposure, both as a result of UV absorption and from the sun’s excessive heat. To undo sun damage, you need a different approach — one that treats your skin from the inside out.

Superficial moisturizers can soften skin so it feels and looks smoother. But to really repair skin, you need to replenish and nourish it on the inside, too. That’s where medical-grade facial treatments come in. 

At GYN Aesthetics & Wellness, we offer two in-office facial treatments, along with a variety of skin care products developed by a leading board-certified dermatologist with more than 40 years of experience treating all types of skin.

Hydrafacial MD®

Hydrafacial MD is a multi-step treatment that starts with deeply cleansing your skin. The next step is exfoliation using a combination of manual deplaning and a gentle acid peel to slough off dead skin cells. 

We then use a patented suction tool to extract and remove dirt, excess oils, dead skin cells, and other debris from inside your pores so your skin can breathe better. 

Finally, we apply healing serums for deep nourishment, moisturizing, and protection. We select the serums based on your skin type and the specific problems you’re facing, like acne, age-related issues, texture changes, and other conditions.


Your skin depends on oxygen to undo environmental damage and boost natural health and resiliency. Intraceuticals is an oxygen facial designed to give your skin the oxygen boost it needs to repair itself and stay healthy. 

During an Intraceuticals treatment, we bathe your skin in pure oxygen dispensed from a special airbrush tool. The tool is designed to help oxygen penetrate into your pores, helping restore damaged skin while promoting optimal circulation. 

After oxygen application, we apply serums and moisturizers to lock in those benefits.

Both Hydrafacial MD and Intraceuticals treatments help you relax and de-stress, and many of our patients schedule treatments on a regular basis to keep their skin looking and feeling its best.

Give your skin the extra help it needs

Don’t let excess sun and environmental damage take a toll on your skin. Medical-grade facials and skin care products give your skin the extra nourishment and protection it needs to look and feel its best at every age. 

If you’d like to learn what you can do to protect your skin, call at 954-526-2192 or use our online booking tool to schedule your consultation today.

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