4 Ways to Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can appear during different stages of your life and happen when your skin becomes stretched at a fairly rapid pace. Most common causes are pregnancy, the growth spurts during puberty, and the extra pounds of obesity. 

You can develop stretch marks on your stomach, buttocks, breasts, thighs, groin, back, and the area around your armpits. 

We understand that these squiggly lines that form on your skin can take an emotional toll by affecting your confidence. At Gyn Aesthetics & Wellness in Coral Springs, Florida, we can help.

We’re a team of doctors who understand what your body goes through, whether you experience a quick growth spurt during your teens, go through physical changes during pregnancy, or have issues with severe weight gain. If you have stretch marks, we offer treatments that can help them fade away.

Four treatments that make stretch marks disappear

We advise different methods of treatment that can give you successful results. Here are the four we most often recommend:

Reduction of stretch marks with a retinoid cream

If you’re just beginning to see stretch marks appear, we recommend you use a retinoid cream made from vitamin A. 

In a study of 16 patients using retinoids to treat their stretch marks, 15 of them experienced a significant positive outcome. When you apply it to your skin, it can rebuild your collagen and help your skin return to its previous smooth appearance.

If you’re pregnant, we talk with you about other treatments because retinoid cream might affect your baby.

Stimulation of new cell growth with microdermabrasion

We use a hand-held device to shoot tiny crystals into the surface of your skin. The substance agitates your skin and gently removes a very small top layer to promote new growth, which adds elasticity and gives your skin a new, fresh look.

Stimulation of collagen production with laser treatment

Our ThreeForMe™ advanced laser technology can diminish skin problems such as sun spots, spider veins, and rosacea. But it can also reduce your stretch marks and produce smoother looking skin by stimulating new cell growth and collagen. 

Removal of surface skin with chemical peels

We use a chemical peel to strip the outer layer of your skin in the area of your stretch marks. The peel goes down into your dermis to initiate the production of collagen. The beauty of this procedure is that it continues to work over time after your treatment is finished.

Healthy habits for keeping stretch marks away

We also recommend lifestyle habits to reduce your risk of getting stretch marks. These include:

To learn more about how to prevent stretch marks or how to treat them, contact us by calling today or booking an appointment online. If you have any questions or concerns, you can also leave our team a message.

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